10 things about Sandile Shezi – The Forex Trader

So who is Sandile Shezi?

Sandile Shezi has won the title of being South Africa’s youngest multi-millionaire. However, he was just a little boy that was motivated by the poverty that surrounded him during his childhood.


Here is 10 things about the forex trader you are not aware of:

  1. A few years ago Sandile was just a young boy trying to make his way into this world. He was laughed and ridiculed at for selling muffins at his high school to make extra pocket money.
  2. Sandile is the proud owner of his company Global Forex Institute and is established as a high-risk forex trader. Global Forex Institute is the best forex training institute in South Africa and caters for the lower income bracket.sandile-shezi
  3. Ever wondered at what age did Sandile begin forex trading? Well, the answer to this is since he was 12 years of age. Yes, that’s right he has been trading before he even became a teenager by selling muffins at his school and he later used the money to trade forex while he was still attending school.
  4. Global Forex Institute offers free forex training for young guys like Shezi. He provides this as a way to give back to the community and help a lot of people find financial freedom.
  5. He teaches people how to avoid risks. Even though he took all his savings and traded it online, Shezi trains people on how to avoid risks in the Forex world and does not advise anyone to place all their savings in the same basket.Sandile-Shezi
  6. Sandile obtained a National Diploma from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) majoring in Public Relations, and applied communications. He has never taken any forex training courses.
  7. Shezi, loves drones. Yes that’s right, Sandile Shezi has a collection of drones.
  8. He is the proud new owner of a Ferrari…
  9. Sandile has the title of being the youngest multi-millionaire in South Africa.
  10. He is the youngest millionaire because Sandile Shezi is only 24 Years Old…

So here you have it, a young boy who is now a multi-millionaire. Inspired by him? Book a free class today and get forex training by Sandile Shezi.


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